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“Wee Mama!” Scar Mkadinali Tells Off Mwalimu Rachel In New Beef

“Wee mama umeboeka! Peleka hiyo injili yako huko!” Scar Mkadinali fired back at radio host Mwalimu Rachel.

This comes after she extended congratulations, days after she made sharp comments on radio, following a 2023 performance by Wakadinali, the rap group Scar is part of. The performance raised eyebrows as the trio sang with hoarse voices and appeared to be under the influence.

Mwalimu Rachel, along with her co-host DJ Xclusive, didn’t hold back their opinions on Wakadinali’s performance. The radio host suggested that the group should consider getting new management and advised them to avoid showing up for performances as a group. She expressed concerns that such appearances could cost them potential gigs and urged them to focus on individual careers to avoid being labeled solely as studio artists.

After filling up a wild audience at 1824 club, Mwalimu Rachel went to congratulated the rapper but he was not taking it at all.

Scar Mkadinali, known for his unapologetic character, responded to Mwalimu Rachel’s comment with a sharp retort.

It is believed his comment meant to reference Mwalimu Rachel’s previous negative comments about a drunken performance by the group last year.

Scar Mkadinali’s comeback seems to defend the group’s artistic choices and reject Mwalimu Rachel’s advice.

The exchange has sparked a conversation among fans and followers, with some siding with Wakadinali and appreciating their unique style, while others acknowledge Mwalimu Rachel’s concerns about the potential impact on their career.

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