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Elsa Majimbo Reveals Why She Broke Up With Her American Boyfriend DJ Hkeem

Elsa Majimbo recently opened up about the shocking incident that led to her breakup with American DJ Hkeem.

Speaking in video shared by Majimbo on social media, she revealed a disturbing encounter during a Miami conference.

The incident occurred after Majimbo’s appearance at Coachella when she flew to Miami as a guest speaker. Technical difficulties with the microphone arose due to her strapless dress. In the video, Majimbo recounted the distressing moment when an individual suggested attaching the microphone to her underwear as a solution. Appalled, she expressed her disbelief, saying, “I couldn’t believe it.”

Seeking support, Majimbo immediately reached out to her boyfriend, DJ Hkeem. However, his unexpected response left her shocked. According to Majimbo, her boyfriend questioned whether she had done something to give the impression of flirting with the individual involved. In response, Majimbo shared, “And true to my word, he has never heard from me.”

Fans and followers have rallied behind Majimbo, commending her courage in sharing such a personal experience and standing up against inappropriate behavior. DJ Hkeem, on the other hand, has yet to respond to the allegations or the breakup, leaving many curious about the future paths of both individuals in the public eye.

Prior to their breakup, Majimbo and DJ Hkeem had been together for a year, publicly revealing their relationship in 2022.


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