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Habida Explains Why Nameless Wasn’t Allowed To Get Close To Her In Their Sunshine Music Video.

“12 years ago, Nameless was not allowed to get close to me, we shot video tuki observe distance!” Habida says.

Kenyan songstress Habida has recently taken to the X app to share some behind-the-scenes insights into her past experiences in the music industry, shedding light on the 2014 music video for “Sunshine” with celebrated musician Nameless.

The revelation has caught the attention of her fans, adding a touch of nostalgia to the discussions.

Habida, known for her openness with fans, shared that during the filming of the “Sunshine” music video, Nameless was purposely kept at a distance from her. The songstress explained that this decision was influenced by the fact that Nameless was a newlywed at the time, having recently tied the knot with his wife, Wahu.

In a tweet, Habida reminisced about the experience, stating, “This is another 12 years ago on this song. I never shubbed; I said sunshine not sunsine. Then that time Nameless was newly wedded. He was not allowed to get close to me, we shot tuki observe distance.”

The revelation provides an interesting glimpse into the dynamics of the music industry and the careful considerations made during the production of music videos. It also adds a layer of context to the collaborative work between artists, showcasing the professionalism and respect that can exist behind the scenes.

Habida has been engaging her fans on the X app formerly Twitter and many are excited as she shares more untold stories and industry insights from her earlier days in the music scene.


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