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“Watu Walikua Wanatulazimisha Tuzae Kijana” Nameless Not Bothered For Lacking A Son 

Nameless says when Wahu was pregnant with their lastborn child there was a lot of pressure to find out the baby’s gender with many people only wanting to hear it was a boy.

Speaking at an event where Sai Pharmaceuticals Kenya Limited unveiled the Mathenges as the official brand ambassadors for the upgraded NipNap Premium Baby Diapers, Nameless highlighted the intrigues of Wahu’s last pregnancy.

Before publicly revealing their pregnancy, Nameless disclosed that they had already undergone scans confirming they were expecting a baby girl. Despite widespread speculation favoring a baby boy, Nameless and Wahu remained steadfast in their knowledge.

“When we announced our pregnancy, we were certain it was a girl, even though everyone was convinced it would be a boy,” Nameless revealed.

“It’s not about gender; it’s about a healthy baby,” he added.

Nameless stressed that raising three daughters does not diminish his role as a parent.

“A child you can nurture. We were thrilled that Shiro arrived healthy and radiant, just as she is. I am always elated to be a father to girls,” he added.

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