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“Si Type Yangu!” Vincent Mboya Rejected By Georgina Njenga After Buying Her A Car

“Vincent Mboya is a nice guy but not type! Atafute tu kwingine. My man can do much better!” Georgina Njenga brags.

Vincent Mboya has been spending heavily as he badly wants a taste of how it feelings to be with Georgina Njenga, Baha’s ex and baby mama.

Vincent Mboya has found himself under scrutiny after boasting about gifting Georgina Njenga, the former girlfriend of Machachari star Baha, a luxurious 1.2 million car, a Mazda Demio. In a surprising twist of events, Mboya emerged as Georgina’s newfound romantic interest, going to great lengths to make Valentine’s Day a memorable occasion for her with extravagant gestures.

On Valentine’s Day, Mboya pulled out all the stops to shower Georgina with attention and gifts.

Reports suggest that he went as far as presenting her with a lavish surprise package, complete with a substantial sum of cash. This big display of affection has sparked speculation and curiosity surrounding the budding romance between Mboya and Georgina.

Sources reveal that Mboya not only surprised Georgina but also pledged to continue pampering her.

He purportedly arranged for this special delivery, heightening the anticipation surrounding the extravagant Valentine’s Day celebration.

Mboya also allegedly promised to send even more cash, to solidify his commitment to making Georgina feel cherished and valued.

However, the seemingly idyllic romance took a turn when Georgina Njenga came forward with surprising revelations.

Contrary to Mboya’s claims of splurging on a 1.2 million car, Georgina disclosed that Mboya had only sent her a fraction of that amount, a mere Ksh 3,000.

She accused Mboya of sliding into her friends’ DMs with similar promises of lavish gifts, casting doubt on his sincerity and intentions.

The expose has sparked discussions within entertainment circles, with fans and observers questioning Mboya’s credibility and the authenticity.Vincent MboyaVincent Mboya


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