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“Hio Nyasi Yako Imemea Vizuri” Sonko Thirsts Over Betty Kyallo’s Rosecoco And She Responds 

Betty Kyallo paraded her nyonyos and thayos and Sonko couldn’t resist the temptation of wanting to harvest her.

The media personality seemed to be on heat as she not only thirst-trapped men with her titillating photos but by her words also.

Betty Kyallo shared a photo of herself seated on a lush green lawn with her melon-sized boobs projected out like a space-bound rocket and hectares of her thighs exposed as if it was land on sale.

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Betty Kyallo deliberately posted the photo to sexually provoke men who do not want to date women over 30 because of the perception that they are no longer delicious.

“Society: Stop dating women older than 30. Reality: Women older than 30,” Betty Kyallo captioned her photo.

Sonko is among the men who were thirst-trapped by Betty Kyallo’s sexy photo and the former Nairobi Governor couldn’t help but shot his shoot at the media personality – albeit cunningly.

Using metaphorical expression, Sonko told Betty that the grass around her had grown so well.

Reacting to Sonko’s comment, Betty told him that fertilizer was used to make the grass greener.

Sonko was referring to Betty Kyallo’s ripe boobs.

“Hio nyasi imemea poa sana,” Sonko commented

“Fertilizer muhimu sana,” Betty Kyallo replied.

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