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Video Of Samidoh Sitting On Top Of Karen Nyamu’s Laps Goes Viral

“Madam! You mean you can’t enjoy this illicit love silently?” Netizen asks Karen Nyamu.

Karen Nyamu has once again taken social media by storm with a video posted on her official Facebook page featuring Samidoh, the father of Karen’s children and estranged legal wife to Edday Nderitu. The video captures a seemingly carefree moment as Samidoh is seen happily seated on Karen Nyamu’s laps, prompting a myriad of reactions from netizens.

In the now viral video, the duo shares a candid moment, with Karen Nyamu providing context in the caption: “Christmas day in the village after eating, then drink some local brew; you just find yourself sleeping on the grass. The beauty of life is in simplicity.”

The video has ignited a robust online debate, with netizens expressing their opinions. While some view it as a simple celebration of joyous moments, others criticize the public display of affection, particularly given Samidoh’s legal marriage to Edday Nderitu, the mother of his children and the fact that this was Edday’s home first.

Grace Shako, a netizen, voiced her concern, asking, “Madam! You mean you can’t enjoy this illicit love silently?” Meanwhile, Joyce David questioned her decision to post the video online saying, “Why do you people post videos like this? Where is your sense, respect, dignity, morals, and where is the full video?”


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