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Netizens Unhappy With Abel Mutua After Asking For Financial Support For Brother’s Funeral

“Abel Mutua and his squad are not able to raise 100K to send off his brother?” Netizens ask.

Abel Mutua has found himself at the center of controversy after publicly requesting financial assistance to cover the expenses of his late brother Raphael Mbuvi Musyoka, widely known as Rapho. The untimely demise of Rapho has left the Mutua family grieving, but it appears that Abel’s appeal for financial aid has sparked discontent among netizens.

Abel Mutua took to social media to share the heartbreaking news of his brother’s passing, urging well-wishers to contribute to the funeral expenses through M-Pesa till number 5853717. While the cause of Rapho’s death was not disclosed in the post, close friends revealed that the young footballer succumbed to the pressures within the family before taking his own life.

The online community, however, was quick to express dissatisfaction with Abel Mutua’s plea for financial support. Many questioned why a millionaire like Mutua, who has enjoyed considerable success in the entertainment industry, would seek assistance for his brother’s funeral expenses when there were allegedly no outstanding medical bills.

Critics argued that Mutua, being financially well-off, should have preemptively supported his brother during challenging times, particularly if family pressures were indeed a contributing factor to Rapho’s tragic decision.

Some netizens pointed out that it was disheartening to witness a wealthy individual seeking financial aid from the public, raising questions about the responsibilities that come with financial success.

To his defense, Abel Mutua says,”Thank you so much Wakurugenzi for the love that you’re sending our way. A good number of you know the truth and you have stood with us since my brother became ill. I’ll tell Rapho’s story because I know it’ll save someone and his death won’t be in vain. See you after the burial.”


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