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Victim Who Was Sodomized By John Matara Opens Up How She Was Lured By Him

“We met on dating app Tagged and he promised to give me money,” the woman opened up about her tragedy.

After the shocking murder of socialite Starlet Wahu, more women came forward to expose John Matara as a serial sex offender.

The women said approached them too, subjected them to heinous, bloody activities, and almost killed them too.

All the women said Matara used dating app Tagged to approach them – first, by making a sweet proposal laden with monetary rewards before the date turned devilishly awry.2

A female victim recorded a statement at the Kahawa Sukari police station on May 17, 2023, narrating the things Matara did to her.

According to the victim, Matara lured her through the Tagged dating app. After they exchanged a few online pleasantries, she then invited him over to her house at Kahawa and the nightmare almost immediately began.

She said Matara fished out a knife after stripping her naked, committed several extreme sexual violations including sodomizing her and then proceeded to order her to deposit huge amounts of money into his phone.

“Inserted his hands into the private parts of the lady Victim and sodomized her later before transferring a large amount of money to his phone,” read the police report.

The case, reported as robbery with violence and sexual assault, is still under probe.

In another reported incident, another victim a resident of Umoja 3, reported to the police on January 7, 2024, that she was also a victim of Matara’s crimes.

Through the same dating app Tagged, the woman is said to have been promised Ksh25,000 by Matara if she was willing to have sex with him.

After agreeing to a hookup, she was directed to pick a taxi and head to their meet-up place, a lodging room, in Thika.

Police say that the woman was stripped naked upon entry into the room and was forced to reveal her M-Pesa pin lest Matara would stab her.

Unlike Wahu, these particular victims, whose names have been withheld, managed to escape with their lives.

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