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DJ Mo’s Former Side Chick Margaret Wanyama Narrates How John Matara Slid Into Her DMs

Serial sex offender John Matara also seduced Margaret Wanyama wanting to chew her rosecoco but luckily she escaped his trap.

Matara focused on dating sites and social media where he preyed on most of his victims.

She went after Margaret Wanyama after the sex scandal that made her famous across the country.

Sometimes in October 2020, DJ Mo was exposed for having an extra-marital affair with Margaret who was then working as a manicurist in Bahrain.

Margaret shared screenshots of her conversations with DJ Mo and also exposed Size 8’s husband in compromising position during their video call on WhatsApp.

Speaking to blogger Edgar Obare, Margaret said she had been dating the DJ Mo for a while and at some point was pregnant for him. She allegedly terminated the pregnancy.

Following the sex scandal, Matara reached out to Margaret Wanyama trying to get into her pants.

After the media blitz Margaret enjoyed, Matara followed her on social media and sent her private messages asking to meet her.

Matara used the street moniker ‘Rebelius Monk’ as he made unsuccessful attempts to engage with Margaret.

In May 2023, Matara approached Margaret Wanyama again via direct message, seeking her WhatsApp number for further interaction so they could mingle.

Margaret narrowly escaped Matara’s advances, discovering he was a Facebook friend after he was named as the main suspect in the brutal murder of Starlet Wahu.

Speaking about it, Margaret Wanyama posted a screenshot of the many texts from Matara which she ignored, expressing relief at avoiding potential harm.

“Imagine he even chatted me. Good thing I ignored his messages. I did not even know this guy follows me. [I’m ] blocking him,” Wanyama said.

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