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Vera Sidika Confirms Breakup With Jamaican Lover Gordon Brown

“Kumbe jamaa ni shoga” Vera Sidika was warned Gordon Brown was gay but she didn’t listen, only to find out the hard way.

The socialite on October 11, 2023, officially introduced Gideon Brown as her new boyfriend after breaking up with her baby daddy Brown Mauzo.

Gideon Brown is a 29-year-old New York City-based model, dancer and actor.

Vera took to social media to demonstrate how she had fallen head over heels in loveĀ with her new Jamaican catch.

ā€œLove you forever baby!!!! @itsgbrown,ā€ Vera captioned a photo of Gideon Brown.

Hours after introducing her man, some netizens came out to claim that Gideon Brown is gay.

They pointed out how the Jamaican was clad and how he behaved as the reason for them concluding that he is gay.

However, in a quick rejoinder, Vera Sidika quickly dismissed claims that her new boyfriend is a member of the LGBTQ community because of how he dresses and behaves.

ā€œYā€™all do understand that not all male fashion models are LGBTQ right? Why people jump into conclusions is beyond me,ā€ Vera Sidika wrote.

Gideon Brown continued exhibiting LGBTQ tendencies in new photos he posed with Vera Sidika while they were enjoying quality time together in Miami beach, Florida.

Vera Sidika ultimately found out Gordon Brown is gay and she dumped him.

The socialite confirmed breakup with Gordon Brown while announcing that she now has a Nigerian lover.

Vera revealed she was dating a Nigerian man amid claims that she had gotten back with Brown Mauzo.

“Y’all must be high on sumn. My mans Nigerian not Kenyan,” Vera Sidika, who is currently in Nigeria, wrote.


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