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Milly Chebby Replies To Netizens Saying She Looks Like Jackie Matubia’s Twin

Milly Chebby and Jackie Matubia are no longer tight like they used to be as reported in recent occurrences.

It’s not uncommon for fans to make comparisons and observations about celebrities. Recently, Milly Chebby, found herself in the spotlight when an Instagram user noted a striking resemblance between her and her former BFF, Jackie Matubia.

Milly Chebby’s response revealed the dynamics of their evolving friendship even as netizen notice changes in their once close connection.

Rather than taking offense or ignoring the comment, Milly Chebby chose to respond with a smile. She playfully laughed it off and explained the resemblance with a simple, “Coz we are sisters” after a netizen said they looked like twins.

Her response emphasized the close bond she shares with Jackie Matubia, suggesting that their similarities are a natural outcome of their deep friendship.

This exchange was not the only one that caught the attention of Instagram users.

Another netizen also added in, saying, “We ok, but I thought ni Jackie at first, I think nimeangalia mbio,” indicating that they had momentarily confused Milly for her former BFF, Jackie.

Milly ChebbyFans began to speculate about the state of their friendship in July, as the two stopped producing content together and appearing in each other’s social media posts.

When questioned about their friendship during a phone interview with Milele FM presenter Ankali Ray, Jackie Matubia clarified, “Tuko sawa kabisa, people are just busy, us, we are fine, hatukosanangi,” indicating that their relationship was still intact despite the temporary hiatus.

However, the evidence of a strained relationship became more apparent when Jackie failed to attend Milly and her husband’s Terence Creative traditional wedding ceremony.

This grave deep silent absence reinforced the notion that their friendship had undergone changes and things were not like they used to before.


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