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Hot Photos Of Rish Kamunge Driving Pastor Kanyari Crazy On TikTok

“Lazima tukulane! Kanyari I want to turn you on. I want us to be crazy. Buy pingu unifunge kwa bed! Rish Kamunge tells Pastor Kanyari.

On TikTok, Rish Kamunge’s videos have caused quite a stir, especially with Pastor Victor Kanyari.

Rish promised to feature both herself and Pastor Kanyari, whom she boldly called her man, on a billboard.

In her videos, she flirted with the preacher, detailing how she would turn him on and what she wanted them to do together as a couple.

Pastor Victor Kanyari, found himself bewildered by the lady’s daring proposal during a live TikTok session.

Several viral videos circulating on social media captured Kanyari’s conversation with Rish Kamunge. In one clip, Kamunge without a care of fear expressed her affection for the preacher, even going as far as promising to display a photo of them on a billboard.

In disbelief, Pastor Kanyari listened as Rish outlined her plans.

“You are my man,” she declared confidently. “I actually asked some people what the biggest gift I could give to my man would be, and they told me to put him on a billboard.”

“I am planning a billboard for you and me in Koja. When someone enters Nairobi, they’ll see you. It’s going to cost me more than Kes 600,000 for you to be there for over a month,” Rish said.

“What!” Kanyari reacted in shock and disbelief.

These videos have sparked discussions online, with many expressing surprise at the preacher’s behavior since he joined TikTok and questioning the sincerity of Rish’s audacity and intentions.

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Check out some of her photos:

Rish Kamunge

Rish Kamunge



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