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“Umekuja Kuniharibia Ndoa?” Nicholas Kioko’s Wife Wambo Confronts Carrol Sonie 

In a recent attempt to create engaging content, popular content creator Carrol Sonie found herself at the center of controversy after a prank video with the Kioko family took a dramatic turn for the worse.

On June 5, Carrol Sonie released a video that was meant to be light-hearted and fun. She collaborated with Nicholas Kioko to surprise his wife, Wambo Ashley, with a prank.

The plan was to test how well Wambo knew her husband in a game format. However, the prank quickly spiraled out of control, leaving Wambo visibly upset and storming out of the shoot.

The video started innocently enough, with Carrol introducing the concept of the show and welcoming Nicholas and Wambo to her channel.

The theme of the day was “How well do you know your partner?” The first question posed to Wambo was about Kioko’s favorite food.

Wambo confidently answered “Mokimo,” but Carrol and Kioko interrupted, claiming his favorite food was actually “Ugali and Matumbo.”

As the prank progressed, Carrol and Kioko hinted at a deep past connection, suggesting they had been best friends for years and even went on a vacation to Mombasa together in 2022.

This revelation was designed to shock Wambo and add drama to the video.

Carrol took it a step further, accusing Kioko of hiding their past relationship from his wife.

“Unataka kuniambia hata hiyo story ya Coast? Wee na wewe umemficha vitu mob. Kwani unafeel guilty? Ni kama kuna kitu hutaki ajue,” she said, implying Kioko had kept many secrets from Wambo.

Wambo, struggling to maintain her composure, was clearly taken aback. The tension escalated when Carrol began flirting with Kioko to highlight their alleged close bond.

Wambo, frustrated and feeling deceived, questioned why Kioko’s supposed best friend knew his favorite food while she did not.

“Mmeniboo… kwanza mniambie hizo stories. Mnanibeba aje? Ati Carrol anajua favorite food yako na si bibi yako. Mi hata hujai niambia she was a best friend to you,” she exclaimed.

The situation worsened when there was a disagreement over Kioko’s favorite color. Wambo asserted it was white, but Carrol and Kioko insisted it was blue.

Adding fuel to the fire, Carrol mentioned that she had gifted Kioko some shoes, questioning why he wasn’t wearing them anymore. This remark pushed Wambo over the edge, causing her to storm out of the interview.

Kioko had to chase after his furious wife to explain that it was all just a prank.

However, Ashley was unable to comprehend why they chose to prank her in such a manner, especially since she doesn’t participate in prank content herself.

She felt deeply hurt and betrayed by the prank, which she believed crossed a line.

“Umekuja kuniharibia ndoa… Kwanza wewe ni public figure. Wewe ni red flag,” Ashley retorted, expressing her frustration and disappointment.

The incident has sparked a heated debate among fans and followers, with many criticizing Carrol Sonie and Nicholas Kioko for taking the prank too far and for not considering the emotional impact on Wambo.

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