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Terence Creative, Milly Chebby Give Lame Excuse Why They Ignored Jackie Matubia at Bahatis Event

In the glitzy world of Kenyan entertainment, friendships and professional ties can sometimes hit rocky patches, as recently highlighted by Terence Creative and Milly Chebby’s interaction—or lack thereof—with Jackie Matubia.

During the high-profile launch of The Bahatis Empire show on June 10, 2024, the celebrity couple found themselves unable to mingle with their former close friend Jackie Matubia.

The event, which was a dazzling affair attended by Kenya’s entertainment elite and notable figures such as Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, saw many stars basking in the limelight. Yet, amidst the celebrations, an awkward tension was palpable due to the conspicuous lack of interaction between Terence, Milly, and Jackie.

Speaking to Plug TV, Terence Creative shed light on the situation. He explained that their attendance as part of the Deputy President’s entourage imposed strict protocols that hindered their ability to socialize freely.

“I’ve not met her one-on-one. Tulikuja na safara ya naibu rais so there was a protocol tungefaa tufuate. Hatukupata nafasi ya ku interact na watu. Wakati show iliisha tuli interact na watu lakini kwa bahati mbaya maybe hatukupatana naye. Lakini tulisalimia kila mtu,” Terence explained.

Despite the missed connection, Terence remained positive about future collaborations with Jackie. He emphasized their openness to working with anyone in the industry, dispelling any rumors of bad blood.

“Tumekuwa tukifanya biashara na watu wengi and let’s say coincidentally tupate kazi ambayo tuko supposed kufanya pamoja, tutafanya pamoja. Sisi hatuna chuki, ubinafsi na mtu yeyote na hatubagui mtu yeyote,” he stated.

Terence also noted that while they might not communicate with Jackie daily, it doesn’t imply an end to their friendship. He likened it to familial relationships where constant communication isn’t always necessary to maintain strong bonds.

“Ni kawaida. hata wazazi labda huongei nao kila siku lakini hiyo haimaanishi ile si familia. Tuko tayari kufanya kazi na mtu yeyote. Hakuna barrier yeyote kikazi, kisalamu ama kirafiki. Lakini wewe ukihisi kwamba utaweza kujitenga nasi ni sawa. Lakini sisi we are open arms for everyone,” Terence added.

This revelation comes as a reminder of the often complex dynamics within celebrity circles, where professional obligations can sometimes overshadow personal relationships.

However, Terence’s assurances suggest that, despite the occasional snub, the doors for future collaboration remain wide open.

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