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“Ukinikataa Nitakukujia” Mali Safi Chito Singer Makes Romantic Move On Keiyo South MP

Keiyo South MP Gideon Kimaiyo responded after Marakwet Daughter begged him to eat her rosecoco.

The whole romantic drama started after the singer, whose real name is Millicent Jepkorir, declared her undying love for Keiyo South MP during an interview.

The ‘Mali Safi’ hitmaker declared that she was completely smitten by Kimaiyo and literally begged for his msokomboro.

“Kuja unitoe soko. MP Keiyo South Gideon Kimaiyo, I am waiting for you, babe,” Marakwet Daughter stated.

Asked if the MP is a married man, Marakwet Daughter claimed Kimaiyo was waiting for her and expressed eagerness to disappear with him into their own love planet.

“Hajaoa. Si ananingoja. Ndio huyu mimi. Babe, kuja nataka niende parliament na wewe…lakini siendi parliament, mimi ni ule Mkale nakaa kwa boma nifuge kuku, nilime mboga, nichunge ng’ombe na mbuzi wewe ukiwa Nairobi lakini usitafute wasichana. Nakungoja kwa boma,” she said.

Marakwet Daughter romantically threatened to go after the MP if he turns down her advances.

“Come baby come. Ukinikataa nitakukujia,” she said.

Reacting to Marakwet Daughter’s romantic advances on him, Keiyo South MP said he had accepted the singer’s marriage proposal.

“Haiya hii imeenda,” Gideon Kimaiyo wrote.


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