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“I Must Inform Frankie When I Start Dating A Serious Man” – Maureen Waititu

Maureen Waititu still respects her baby daddy Frankie even though he dumped her and eloped with Corazon Kwamboka.

Speaking during an interview on the Blended Family podcast channel, Maureen said that even after Frankie ungraciously dumped her she vowed to respect him always.

The mother of two noted that her baby daddy will always be the first person to know if she finds a serious man who wants to date her.

“If I feel that this person is going to become a permanent fixture, then… I remember earlier during my breakup with my baby daddy; there was something I told him. I said I will always respect you, and if I find somebody in my life who I feel is going to be here, I would want you to be the first person to know. So that there are no surprises, no matter how painful it might seem, we are going to sit down and work through it,” she said.

Maureen Waititu added that, ideally, she would like to maintain a cordial relationship with Frankie, informing him about significant developments and changes that might affect their children, fostering a harmonious coexistence in the blended family dynamic.

The mother of two was preparing to settle down in marriage with Frankie when he dumped her like a sack of rotten tomatoes and moved on with Corazon Kwamboka.

Frankie hooked up with Corazon sometimes in November 2019 after breaking up with his baby mama Maureen, whom he has two children, all boys, with.

Maureen later disclosed that Frankie was already flirting with the bootyful Kisii/Luo socialite when they were still together.

In fact, she said Frankie and Corazon were already hooking up, while the fitness instructor was still committed to her.

Speaking during an interview with Massawe Japanni, Maureen admitted that she was still in love with her baby daddy and that at the time of their breakup, they were due to tie the knot. 

“We were to turn six years come December and this close (using her fingers to estimate) to getting married. We were already engaged and then we saw there was no need to continue with marriage because if we are not okay before the marriage it won’t get any better after,” said Maureen.

She added that;

“Hata sitadanganya bado nampenda sana labda hata for the rest of my life. He’s my first and true love. Tulipatanishwa na rafiki wetu…Nimekuwa na hayo mawazo lakini nikiangalia the bigger naona hakuna majuto kwa sababu hakuna mahali pameandikwa watu wawili watakaa mpaka mwisho. You never know labda haikuwa safari yangu lakini nimelearn my lesson.”

After hooking up with Frankie, Corazon Kwamboka hastily got pregnant for him in quick succession, maybe to tie him down completely.

Corazon quickly got pregnant for Frankie and gave birth to their first child together, a baby boy, on August 9th 2020. She got pregnant again and gave birth to baby number two, a girl, on December 8th 2021.

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