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“Tukumbuke Na Sisi Your Excellency” Nadia Mukami Appeals To President Ruto

Singer Nadia Mukami has made a humble appeal to president William Ruto after he announced that Kenyan content creators will begin earning from Facebook and Instagram.

The head of state made the announcement after hosting the Facebook management team along with renown content creators at the Statehouse.

According to him, monetization will be done from June this year.

“We have undergone numerous consultations, and I am pleased with the progress we are making. The content creators have been pushing me on this but today, I am glad that we made a step process of monetization,” Ruto said.

Reacting to that, Nadia expressed gratitude to the president for keeping his word to content creators. She however urged him to also streamline the music sector.

“Asante sana your excellency for keeping your word on this issue. This is so amazing for the creative sector. As a Kenyan artist, I am also requesting you to consider streamlining our music industry(royalties sector) your excellency. You have kept your word  with the content creators tukumbuke na sisi your excellency, tunakuomba,” the mother of one said.

Previously, Nadia revealed that she has never earned anything from the Music Copyright of Kenya since 2017, when she registered as a member.

She further aired her grievances in a recent interview with Mpasho, urging president Ruto to dissolve MCSK.

“MCSK owes me. I just wish the president could issue an executive order, let’s dissolve this whole thing because I started music professionally when I was 21, now I am 27 years old and all I have been hearing is MCSK this and that, and now I am growing old in the industry, it means this conversation is long overdue,” she said.

“Give an executive order, dissolve this MCSK thing so that we can start afresh. Our future generations will benefit,” she maintained.


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