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“Mat*ko Nyinyi” Khaligraph Blasts Haters For Thwarting His IG Live With Rick Ross

Rapper Khaligraph Jones missed an opportunity of a lifetime of having a face to face conversation with American rapper Rick Ross.

The two rap gurus, were supposed to go live on Instagram on Monday at 7pm. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned as Khaligraph encountered problems.

Khaligraph was denied access to live video because his haters had allegedly reported his account.

“It is beyond my control. I can’t contain the situation, they did what they did. We have always been pushing the envelope to the next level but niggas are always trying to downplay our efforts and now it has gotten to a point where they even report our account so that we can not go live. They are fumbling our bags,” he said.

He however hoped that he would get another chance to go live with Rick Ross.

At the same time he blasted haters for targeting him.

“To all you envious, jealous, coldhearted, pathetic people who reported my account today ma*ako nyinyi. To all my fans am sorry it couldn’t happen, it is impossible, we tried everything but it couldn’t work hopefully next time we get to do it again,” he said.

Khaligraph had looked forward to the live session, revealing that he would make an announcement.

Rick Ross, on the other, highly anticipated for the live session, while hailing Khaligraph as he called upon his fans to support him as well.

He also revealed that he had an upcoming project with African music producers.

“I am about to go live with one of the biggest OGs in the history from Kenya Khaligraph Jones one of the records I found this wavy. I want you all to do your homework, go to IG get online, stream his music. I am looking forward and I am excited to put a project together with amazing Africa producers,” the American rapper said.





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