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Trevor Unfollows Mungai Eve After Deleting Her Photos

“Kama umemchoka tuachie sisi, tumle mpaka mifupa!” Netizens say after Trevor unfollowed Mungai Eve.

Recent actions of content creator Mungai Eve and her longtime boyfriend-cum-business partner, director Trevor, have sparked stories of breakup rumors.

Fans have been speculating for weeks, and the situation escalated when the couple deleted pictures of each other from their Instagram pages.

Mungai Eve and Trevor were celebrated for portraying an image of relationship goals, regularly sharing romantic moments that endeared them to their followers. However, the sudden removal of these cherished photos from their respective Instagram profiles left their fanbase perplexed.

The move signaled a potential rift, prompting even more speculation about the state of their relationship.

Director Trevor took things a step further by unfollowing Mungai Eve on Instagram, a move that is often seen as a significant step and message in the world of social media drama.

Unfollowing someone is a strong indicator of a falling out or a desire to distance oneself from a particular individual.

In a previous interview, Mungai Eve expressed her preference for keeping the details of their relationship private.

She mentioned feeling constantly disturbed by the persistent rumors surrounding their breakup.

The couple’s actions on social media appear to contradict their desire for privacy, thrusting their relationship status into the spotlight.


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