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“Ifikie Karen Nyamu!” Netizens Excited As Samidoh Drives Edday’s Car, Wears Same Beenie

“Mbona Thamueri anafichwa kama bangi?” Netizens ask Edday as Samidoh enjoys car drive.

Edday Nderitu’s fans are buzzing with excitement as Kenyan Mugithi star Samidoh was recently spotted driving her car in Boston. The video has fueled speculation among fans who believe it’s a positive step in the couple’s relationship, who are in a closely watched union.

Currently in the United States, Samidoh is spending quality time with his first wife, Edday, and their three children.

The couple has been capturing moments of their time together, sharing glimpses of their family life on social media.

A recent TikTok video posted by Samidoh showcased the couple’s playful moments, and eagle-eyed fans couldn’t help but notice a significant detail.

Viewers quickly observed that the car Samidoh was behind the wheel of closely resembled the one Edday had shared in a previous post just a few weeks ago.

The similarities didn’t escape the notice of their keen followers, leading to a surge of excitement and speculation about the dynamics of their relationship.

Comments flooded the video, expressing joy and approval for what seemed like a harmonious connection between Samidoh and Edday.

Fans celebrated the togetherness of the couple, the shared vehicle and even noting that Samidoh was donning the same white beanie as Edday in previous posts.

The cars in the videos look different, but team nothing but prayers are convinced it’s Edday Nderitu’s.

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