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“Mwaka Wa Kufosi” Kenyan Man Claiming To Be Jason Derulo’s Look Alike Stirs Kenyans

Simion Muturi aka Remcy Don has sparked a heated discussion among Kenyans for posing as Jason Derulo’s look alike.

Derulo is an American singer and songwriter popular for songs like Watcha say, Will you marry me among others.

Derulo, real name Jason Joel Desrouleaux, embarked on a solo career journey in 2009 and so far he has sold over 250 million singles worldwide.

On the other hand, Remcy Don also poses as a musician, referring to himself as the Kenya Jason Derulo.

Speaking in an interview, Remcy however said that he realized that he looks like Derulo way back in 2014.

“Hio story ya Derulo ilihappen  ilikuwa 2014 kuna place nilikuwa kuna mwenye alikuwa ananiuzia akaniambia niaje unakaa msanii  mwingine wa majuu kwani mko matwins,” he said.

From there he began following up to know who the artist was and he realized that they indeed had a striking resemblance.

“Kukuja kucheki ni bro kabisa sa  sijui ni nani alicheza sijjui ni mamake,” he said.

Kenyans have however had mixed feelings about this and here are some of there reactions;

Weezdom: Kuna vile wanafanana

Nderitu: Did someone say Jason De Rural

Finesse Ngara: Derulo ama Demathio, the English is not giving a chance.

Miss benti: Huu mwaka ee, ndio mwaka wa kufosi.

Tarrick: When you order Derulo from Jumia

Muturi is however not the only Kenyan who has broke the internet with such claims.  Another Kenyan rose to popularity and has been making money for copying Ruger.

The man, who identifies himself as Ruger wa Kayole, has a hairstyle like Ruger and even covers one of his eyes.

Ruger however said addressed the matter saying he has no issue with Ruger wa Kayole saying that he was also hustling.

“No, no, no. He’s making his P’s. Everybody must eat because when my people were telling me have you seen this – No but I say man’s just tryna hustle you understand,” the Nigerian singer said.


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