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TID Explains Why He Was Angered When A Boda Boda Interrupted His Interview

“Huyu nani? Who is this guy, Why? Why between my interview you are passing around? I hate you,” TID told off a boda boda rider who interrupted his interview a couple of weeks ago.

The trend took the Kenyan industry by storm with Kenyans participating in the challenge.

Now, TID, who is Kenya for the next couple of weeks, held a press briefing ahead of his performance at Quiver’s lounge on Wednesday night, and was glad that no one would interrupt the session.

“Quiver wamenileta mimi hapa TID, I don’t think anybody will interrupt my interview tonight. It is gonna be non-stop tonight.

“I am happy, I have touched down healthy. Wakenya wamepokea vizuri hio challenge yangu. Nimeona very popular faces ambao wamefanya hio challenge, King Kaka, Maina, watangazaji, comedian. I have seen a lot so it is time for me to deliver to you guys,” the Tanzanian singer said.

@tidmusic_♬ original sound – TID

Speaking to the Vloggers, TID said that he called out the boda boda  because he was ruining his time yet he had limited time.

“Huwa napangilia vitu vingi kabla ya kusema. It wasn’t part of the interview kwasababu tulikuwa na interview nyingi like today. There were a lot of interviews and I had very limited time. Nilikuwa najaribu kumaliza hapa nimalize pale  lakini the guy really interrupted my time. Nilikuwa niko serious natoa maudhui naongea na wananchi then unapita na boda boda yako…unacceptable. I really hate him. Sasa hivi hata the whole world is hating that guy, amechukiwa sana,” he said.

At the same time, he revealed that he was ion contact with Sanaipei Tande so that they could drop a collabo.

TID said that he has a huge fan base in Kenya and he is currently in trending in Kenya such that he wouldn’t mind getting a partner from the country.

“TID has a lot of hit songs in Kenya na pia nimekuja kutrend na hayo mawhy passing between my interview naona hadi madoctors wanaprotest wanataka waongezewe mshahara wameweka ‘Why are you passing between my salary’. So nataka tukae kwa ukaribu hivyo, tushare this moment, I sing to you, make this funny stuff. This is the moment we need to strengthen our relationship with Tanzania  na mimi nipate mtoto mrembo wa Kikenya anipende nipendeke niwe Michael Jackson, damn!” he said, further wondering why his audience was not laughing at his antics.

“Hawajui kiingereza?” TID added.

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