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“Ufupi Isikudanganye!” Stephen Bingi Claims He’s Good In Bed Despite His Height

“Ufupi sio ulemavu, tunapiga kitu! Wewe umeumbwa ukaumbika, kama uko single, tunaweza mingle,” Bingi tells Mungai Eve who’s single and searching.

Stephen Bingi, a huge fan of reggae music, has caused a stir by expressing his interest in Mungai Eve, who is known to be the ex-girlfriend of Director Trevor.

During a relaxed chat with Eve, Bingi couldn’t hide his excitement as he praised her beauty and asked if she was seeing anyone. He described Eve as being incredibly beautiful and claimed she had caught his attention because she possessed both common sense and beauty.

Bingi also made some bold statements about himself, claiming he is good in bed and that his height should not be underestimated. Since gaining fame online, Bingi revealed that he’s been receiving messages from women interested in getting to know him better.

When it comes to finding a partner, Bingi emphasized the importance of qualities like wisdom, respect, and faithfulness. He mentioned that while physical appearance is not his main focus, he trusts that God will bring him a partner who possesses these important qualities.

Bingi’s open declaration of interest in Eve in a light way has sparked discussions among netizens, with many expressing surprise at his straightforward approach to life.

Some have even applauded him for being honest about his life and thoughts.


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