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“Apambane Na Church Aniache Nkt!” Tanasha Angrily Fires Back At Pastor Kanyari 

Kenyan musician Tanasha Donna recently underwent a cosmetic procedure to enhance the volume of her lips, opting for lip fillers.

However, her decision received criticism from some fans, particularly after her lips appeared swollen initially.

One notable critic was pastor Victor Kanyari, who expressed his dismay during a TikTok live session. Kanyari questioned Tanasha’s choice to alter her lips, expressing confusion over the desire for larger lips.

“Kwa nini Tanasha anapenda kuwa na mdomo kubwa hivyo eti nikaskia amefanywa operation na akapanuliwa mdomo wake nikasema ooh amepanuliwa mdomo,” the controversial preacher said,” Kanyari remarked, seeking insight from his followers on why women choose to modify their bodies.

Tanasha Donna responded to Kanyari’s criticism, defending her decision to undergo lip fillers.

She explained that the initial photo showed her lips during the early stages of healing when they were still swollen.

Tanasha emphasized that fillers are not permanent and encouraged Kanyari to educate himself on cosmetology before making judgments.

“This was day 2/3 of filler and my lips were still swollen. The swelling has subsided by far. Fillers are also not permanent. Educate Yourselves On Cosmetology Before Yapping,” Tanasha Donna retorted.

Tanasha and Kanyari

“Apambane na church aniache. Nkt!” Tanasha added while responding to a netizen.

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