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“There Is No Proof” Trisha Khalid Speaks On Her Rumoured Relationship With Joho

Becky Actress Trisha Khalid, whose real name is Fossy Khamis Mpole Khalid, has once again denied any romantic involvement with former Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho.

According to her, she has never interacted with the politician, and the rumours that they had an affair are not true.

“No no. Are all the rumours outside there true?  I have never even sat down with him. Mimi and Joho have nothing going on, had nothing going on,” she told Oga Obinna.

Asked on why people think that she is involved with the politician, Trisha  said, “I don’t know. Watu wakauanga tu na hii perception msichana yeyote anatoka Mombasa ako vizuri ako na Joho. I am not with Joho. I have never ben with Joho.”

“The good thing is there is nothing out there to prove that I was with Joho,” she added. “There is nothing and hakuna kitu itawahitokea. Me and Joho Zii,” Trisha said

She however noted that she respects Joho for who he is.

At the same time, Trisha said that sh is not a socialite,  a term that is common among well endowed celebrities in the country.

“I don’t wanna call it, I don’t know why people refer me to a socialite, I am not a socialite,” she said.

Due to her recent collaborations with comedian Flaqo in content creation, many have suspected that she is the one behind his rumoured split with his girlfriend Keranta.

“Surprisingly I have never met Keranta but we follow each other on Instagram and I like her contents, sometimes I do like her posts however we don’t and have never talked,” Trisha clarified, setting the record straight that she is just friends with Flaqo, and that there are not romantically involved.

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