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The 2 Grandfathers Dating Socialite Manzi Wa Kibera Finally Meet

Manzi Wa Kibera is in love relationships with the two grandfathers, Mzee Nzioki aged 67 and Mzee Njau, 75.

Manzi wa Kibera found herself in an unexpected situation when her two old boyfriends finally crossed paths.

Their meeting left Manzi wa Kibera feeling overjoyed and excited.

Currently, Manzi wa Kibera is in a relationship with Daniel Njau, who is 75 years old. However, her past romantic history includes another gentleman, aged 67, whom she claimed fell in love with her on the first day they met.

She also openly admitted her intention to date both men simultaneously.

Amidst the confusion, Manzi wa Kibera revealed that she had not truly separated from her first lover Mzee Nzioki.

She boldly declared, “I have them both; my husband Nzioki, my husband Njau!”

In an attempt to understand her love arrangement, Manzi wa Kibera likened herself to Samidoh, who is known to have two romantic partners.

She explained, “Just like Samidoh, who has two women, I have two husbands. Each person plays independently. They have never met. I am the female version of Samidoh.”

Despite her initial fears that the meeting of her two partners would lead to chaos akin to World War II, Manzi wa Kibera was surprised to find that the encounter was quite the opposite.

In fact, the two men seemed to hit it off and became fast friends. Even with their significant age difference, the trio appeared genuinely happy and in love with each other.

Manzi wa Kibera’s unbelievable love life may puzzle some, but for her, it seems to be a source of joy, fulfillment and sustenance.


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