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Usherati Kwa Gym! Married Men Warn Frankie To Stay Away From Their Wives

Frankie Just Gym It bragged how married women he trains are so free with him that they even tell him when they are ovulating – sparking speculations he is sleeping with people’s wives.

The fitness trainer sparked a debate on professional boundaries in the fitness industry while speaking during an interview on NTV.

Frankie stirred up a mixed reaction with a statement he made about personal trainers being privy to female clients’ ovulation dates.

“A personal trainer is invested in who you are, has to know your everyday routine, how work is like, what stresses you, even your ovulation he has to like know all that. It is very crucial,” Frankie said.

The fitness trainer further admitted that married men have called her to warn him to stay away from their wives.

“I have had dudes call me and tell me never to train their wives ever again. Not me being unprofessional but I guess is because they didn’t know about me, then they see social media and they are like, this is the guy who is training you? Not ever again,” Frankie confessed.

Social media platforms have been abuzz with opinions, with some condemning Frankie’s remarks as the reason why infidelity is rife in marriages.

Gym instructors are notorious for sleeping with female clients are they easily get touchy and upclose and very personal with female clients.

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