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Tahidi High Actor Omosh Transformation After Ditching Alcohol Excites Kenyans

“Aki pombe ni mbaya! Huyu ni Omosh?” “He looks good and handsome!” Kenyan women comment on how Omosh looks now.

Tahidi High actor Omosh Kizangila has a powerful message for young people: stay away from alcohol abuse.

Having been sober for nearly one and a half years now, Omosh understands the challenges and dangers of addiction all too well. He recently attended the burial of Brian Chira, a young TikToker whose life was cut short, and he couldn’t help but reflect on the importance of seeking help and supporting one another.

Omosh expressed regret that Chira’s friends couldn’t intervene or guide him away from harmful behaviors. He emphasized the need for young people to speak up about their problems early on, before things spiral out of control. In his own words, “If you have depression, look for people to talk to. Talk to people.” This simple advice carries immense weight and could save lives.

The actor’s transformation after overcoming alcohol addiction is inspiring. New photos of Omosh showcase a charming and healthier man, a testament to his determination and resilience.

He acknowledges that seeking help was the turning point that led to positive changes in his life. Omosh’s journey serves as a strand of hope for anyone struggling with addiction or mental health issues.

Through his advocacy, Omosh encourages youths to prioritize their well-being and seek support when needed.

He recognizes that societal pressures and challenges can sometimes feel overwhelming, but reaching out and talking about these issues is a crucial first step towards healing.


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