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Suspect K!ller John Matara Now Claims His Life Is In Danger

John Matara who is accused of k!lling Starlet Wahu and injuring countless women is crying for help.

The 34-year-old prime suspect in the murder case of 26-year-old Starlet Wahu Mwangi, has raised serious concerns about his safety.

Matara’s lawyer revealed that he was physically attacked by an unidentified individual within the premises of the Makadara Law Courts while being escorted to the courtroom.

This incident comes amid Matara’s objection to the court’s decision to extend his detention for another seven days. In a bold move, he expressed feeling unsafe even while under police custody.

Matara alleged that his safety was compromised not only within the court premises but also during his time at the Industrial Area Police Station.

He claimed that two people attempted to forcefully remove him from the police cells, heightening his anxiety about the unfolding situation.

Adding fuel to the fire, Matara disclosed that, during his 21-day detention, he was questioned by the police only twice. He emphasized that no substantial progress had been made during the remaining 19 days of his confinement, leaving both the legal system and the public in suspense about the development of the case.

In response to Matara’s alarming claims, the court instructed his lawyer to report the alleged assault and other complaints to the police for a thorough investigation.

The turn of events raises questions about the adequacy of security measures within the legal system and the protection of individuals, even those accused of heinous crimes.


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