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Lesbian Asoro Detrones Njeri Makena As Kenya’s Foremost Woman Eater

Asoro’s tongue is now the most sought-after by leles in Kenya, even surpassing Njeri Makena.

Many Kenyans who are straight are not acquainted with Asoro but she is the queen of the underworld where lesbians and other homosexuals operate freely without stigma.

Asoro is big on Tiktok where her reputation for her lesbian s3x services precedes her.

Apparently Asoro’s tools of trade, her tongue and fingers, are bomb weapons which make leles fight for a piece of her.

Several lesbians have been seen in TikTok videos fighting for the woman eater who gives them wild pleasure.

Even though the leles know Asoro has many transient sexual relationships, they still beg for her tongue and fingers.

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Asoro has definitely dethroned Makena Njeri in the underworld where homosexual operate, even though the latter still remains the face of mainstream LGBTQ.

Just like Asoro, Njeri Makena ate women galore the likes of Michelle Ntalami and even Bien’s wife Chiki Kuruka.

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