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“Fear Women!” Stevo Simple Boy Speaks After Being Heartbroken By Wife

“Ogopa vichuna eeeish!” Singer Stevo Simple Boy says after his wife was impregnated by another man.

Stevo Simple Boy has shared a cryptic message on his Instagram account, hinting at personal struggles. The artist shared an emoji depicting a heartbroken man on his Instagram story, prompting fans to speculate about the nature of his emotional state.

This revelation comes on the heels of a leaked voice message circulating online, wherein Stevo vehemently denies being the father of his wife’s unborn child. In the audio clip, the “Freshi Barida” hitmaker accuses his wife of infidelity, claiming that they were not together following his father’s funeral. According to Stevo, his wife returned to him while pregnant with another man’s child, leaving him bewildered and hurt.

“The pregnancy isn’t mine. We were not together after my dad’s funeral, and she came back while pregnant,” Stevo said.

As fans come to terms with this unexpected revelation, many are expressing concern for the singer’s well-being and sending messages of support.

It remains to be seen how Stevo Simple Boy will navigate this turbulent chapter in his life, and fans are left eagerly awaiting any updates or clarification from the singer himself.


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