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Ntapata Wapi Bibi? Catherine Kasavuli’s Son Decries Raising Daughter As A Single Father

Martin Kasavuli, the son of late TV personality Catherine Kasavuli, is single and complaining.

The single father of one recently took to social media to narrate the challenges he faces raising his daughter Kayla.

Martin said he was struggling to strike a balance between his career, personal interests, and parenthood.

He acknowledged that being a single father is the most challenging endeavor he has ever undertaken.

“The raw truth about being a single father is that it’s the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. This is not a pity post but rather a chance for me to admit that things aren’t always as peachy as I make them seem in photos like these or the videos I create. The struggle is really real trying to balance my career, biking, proper diet & social life all while focusing on what’s most important..

“Giving the love that Kayla undoubtedly deserves & being a role model figure for her. Sometimes I get frustrated & have to remind myself how fortunate I truly am to have her in my life I’m doing what I believe is right to provide her the greatest opportunities. Living for someone else is the blessing I never knew I needed. I made so many selfish choices along the way & am far from perfect to this day but she has helped me grow into a more compassionate & selfless man entirely.

“I like to joke telling people “Don’t do it! Wait as long as you can!” & although I’m being somewhat serious in some cases lol the truth is that a child is the biggest challenge you’ll ever take on but can yield such life changing experiences. For all the parents out there single as a Pringle or still together, keep on seeking success for your kiddos future & your own no matter how hard it gets. Don’t ever give up. If you’re still reading this.. Thank you. I hope someone can get value from my soapbox moment 😇,” he shared.

Martin Kasavuli was left to raise his daughter alone following the death of his mother.

Catherine Kasavuli passed away after a battle with cervical cancer. She was laid to rest on January 14, 2023.


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