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Stevo Simple Boy Accuses Pritty Vishy Of Using Him

Stevo Simple Boy has claimed that Pritty Vishy never cared about him during the time they were dating.

According to Stevo, Pritty was only after fame and that she used him to gain that.

Stevo however said that he currently has a wife who completely cares for him. He went on to urge his ex-girlfriend to move on and create her content without mentioning his name

“Mambo yangu na Pritty Vishy iliisha kitambo sana. Kuna tofauti ya girlfriend na ndoa. Grace Atieno ni wa ndoa. Pritty Vishy alikuwa girlfriend so Pritty Vishy amove on aachane na maisha yangu.

“Mi tayari nishapata mke mwenye ananipenda kwa dhati. Pritty hakukuwa ananijali. Alikuwa anataka umaarufu. Hakuwa anajali mapenzi . Nawezamwambia Pritty Vishy aachane na mimi aache kunitajataja kila mahali. Afanye content yake mwenyewe,” the rapper told Mungai Eve.

Stevo was speaking after moving in to the house that was secured for him by Mumias East MP Peter Salasya.

The MP however challenged Stevo to have another skill that he can rely on besides from music.

“The wife had proposed we open for her a hotel she can be able to manage. For himself, last time I challenged him that he must have a skill, apart from music, what else can he do, we Simple Boy nataka uambie wakenya apart from music unataka mimi nikusponsor side gani? You must have a skill,” Salsya challenged him.

Stevo said that he wants a music studio and that on the skill part they will have more discussions.



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