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Diamond Speaks On Whether He Plans To Chew Ugandan Singer Spice Diana

“If you see me investing in a lady a lot, then expect a baby later I don’t do nothing for free,” Diamond said.

Diamond, Nameless among other East African artists are in  Kampala, Uganda for an event.

During a press briefing ahead of the event, a Ugandan journalist raised concerns that Spice Diana will be smashed by Diamond.

“Today morning when I shared on my social media that you are in Kampala and that you are doing a song with Spice Diana, my friends got worried they said he is going you to chew this one, that even before the song is out you will be done with her already and yesterday you talked about the possibility of another woman here if there’s chemistry are you looking for another baby mama or its just mchomo for one evening,” the journalist posed.

Diamond however said that they will just do a song. He added that he has hosted Spice Diana at his Tanzanian home before and that he considers her a  sister.

The king of Bongo however warned that he doesn’t invest in a woman so much for free. He added that if something will happen between them it’s God’s fault.

“Spice Diana, we are just gonna do a song. Nothing much. She has been in Tanzania. I am not gonna chew her. She has been home as well, the time she came to do a song with my artist Zuchu. I hosted her at my house, my office as well, she is nice and kind. Whatever will come is not gonna be my fault or hers, its God’s fault but as far as I am concerned we are brother and sister  but she is not a bad person to have a kid with, she is cute. If you see me investing in a lady a lot, then expect a baby later I don’t do nothing for free,” Diamond said.

On Tuesday, Diamond hinted that he was looking for another woman in Uganda. He asked ladies to shot their shot saying that he doesn’t have any woman currently.

“I am a Muslim man entitled to four wives but I don’t even have one right now. So ladies it’s up to you,” the singer said.

This is however contrary to his recent statement whereby he revealed that his fiancée will be delivering in January.

“Haya tukutane January mchumba anapoenda kujifungua,” Diamond wrote on Instagram.





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