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Shock As Kinuthia Starts Treatment To Increase His Nyoyos Size

“Maziwa zangu za nyayo zinakuja!” Kinuthia says after discovering a remedy for a big bust.

Kinuthia, a TikTok sensation known for defying gender norms by wearing clothes traditionally associated with the opposite sex, has recently sent shockwaves through her fanbase with a surprising revelation. In a candid Instagram story, Kinuthia hinted at her plans to undergo a transformation by acquiring larger breasts and venturing into the world of bras.

Addressing her followers, Kinuthia acknowledged the curiosity surrounding her choice of attire, often accompanied by inquiries about her apparent lack of feminine features. With a touch of humor, she revealed her solution to the dilemma ‚Äď a brand of milk supplements that purportedly enhance breast size.

“Hello, my fans! So many of you have been asking about my choice of clothing and the absence of certain features. Well, I’ve found a solution to increase my ‘milk’,” Kinuthia declared, unveiling the brand of supplements she intends to use.

Expressing her determination to complete her feminine appearance, Kinuthia announced her intention to explore women’s clothing stores in search of a fitting bra. Anticipating the reactions of others, she acknowledged the potential for raised eyebrows but remained resolute in her decision.

“Let me tell you, now that you know, it’s time to find out the size. I don’t know what people will say, but I’m ready for it,” she asserted.

Despite facing criticism and derogatory comments, Kinuthia has pursued her passion for breaking gender barriers and earning a livelihood by embracing her identity.

Surprisingly, she revealed that her biggest supporter is her mother, who encourages her to continue expressing herself through her unique fashion choices.

Kinuthia’s journey began with borrowing her mother’s clothes for video content before gaining widespread recognition. Undeterred by societal norms, she remains committed to her path as it pays his bills.


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