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Gospel Singer Henrie Mutuku Opens Up On Being Blacklisted,Losing Inheritance To Konza Technopolis

“I was blacklisted by gatekeepers and cartels in the Gospel industry!” Henrie Mutuku reveals.

Renowned gospel singer Henrie Mutuku, real name Evelyne Maina, celebrated for hits like “Usichoke” and “Manzi Wa Maana,” has recently come forward to share her challenging journey in the music industry, claiming that she was blacklisted by Gospel cartels that orchestrated her disappearance following her breakthrough.

Mutuku, whose soul-stirring melodies resonated with many, believes that industry forces deliberately marginalized her, stifling her artistic career. Despite the success of her chart-topping songs, she faced obstacles orchestrated by what she refers to as “Gospel cartels.” These entities, she alleges, ensured her gradual disappearance from the music scene.

In addition to her struggles within the music industry, Mutuku also revealed that she lost a piece of land she inherited from her parents to the ambitious Konza Technopolis project. While acknowledging that compensation was provided, she contends that the monetary compensation does not equate to the sentimental value of a piece of land passed down through generations.

Konza Technopolis, a flagship project under Kenya Vision 2030, aims to be a technological hub.Mutuku, like others affected by the development, emphasizes that the compensation received for the acquired land does not adequately reflect the heritage lost.


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