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Shock As Kinuthia Claims He’s Looking For A Man To Chew Him And Pay Handsomely

“Kuja na inches, pesa tutatumia zangu.Tumeni CV sasa!” Kinuthia says.

Netizens were shocked after Kinuthia made a claim about seeking a man to “chew” him. The video has raised eyebrows and sparked a lot of discussions among Kenyans.

Kinuthia’s post has left many puzzled and curious about what he exactly meant by “chew him” yet he’s a man with some claiming he’s just coming out the closet.

The reaction to Kinuthia’s claim has been mixed. Some people are supportive, applauding his courage to speak his truth and be open about his desires even though hiding behind content creation.

On the other hand, there are those who are critical and skeptical, questioning the sincerity of Kinuthia’s statement or viewing it as a publicity stunt.

During an interview with Mungai Eve, he discussed how portraying female characters in her videos is both enjoyable and a part of her job. He revealed his male identity but stressed his commitment to continuing his portrayal of female roles, which he views as essential for his livelihood.

“I am a man,” Kinuthia affirmed, “but I refuse to halt my activities just because some criticize me for being a man. This is what has driven me to where I am today.”

He said that her portrayal of female roles has opened doors for her in advertising, particularly for women’s clothing and beauty products.


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