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Shock As Kiambu Road Gym Is Exposed For Secretly Recording N*ked Women In Showers And Changing Rooms

“It is like p0n0 material of people’s mothers, wives, and sisters illegally recorded!” Cyprian Nyakundi shares details of the Kiambu Road gym saga.

A shocking revelation has come to light about a Kiambu Road gym, where it’s alleged that women in changing rooms were secretly recorded. Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi has brought attention to this disturbing issue, claiming that there are even videos recorded in the gym’s shower area.

Nyakundi has vowed to disclose the name of the gym once an official police report is filed.

According to Nyakundi, these videos contain sensitive and private moments, akin to inappropriate material, involving individuals’ mothers, wives, and sisters.

These recordings were made without their consent, constituting a serious breach of privacy and trust. The matter has been reported to the authorities, resulting in the confiscation of the perpetrator’s phone.

“The videos are mostly recorded in the shower and cannot be shared. It is like p0n0 material of people’s mothers, wives, and sisters illegally recorded. Matter with the police and phone confiscated. I’ll name the gym and those who attend can take legal action and follow up!” Nyakundi tweeted.

Nyakundi revealed that after significant pressure, the individual responsible for these recordings surrendered their password, revealing hundreds of videos primarily featuring women in the gym’s shower area.

This expose’ has sparked outrage and concern among netizens with many asking the blogger to name the gym at once.


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