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“I Failed Him Most” Nyako Hopes To Meet Brian Chira In The Afterlife

The friendship of Nyako and Brian Chira turned sour after Chira took to social media to hurl insults at Nyako.

This is after Nyako paid for his rent and went ahead to speak about it online, dragging his mother’s name.

Chira was unpleased by Nyako’s move that he went online to insult her, asking her to withdraw her support if she wished.

He later apologized to Nyako but she declined to forgive him and went ahead and blocked.

Following his tragic death that occurred last Saturday, Nyako is now regretting that she never made peace with Chira.

“We failed Brian, all of us, including me. We failed him. And I think I failed him the most because he looked for me everywhere and I said no; when it comes to Brian, I want my peace. So let us behave like we failed him. And not behave like we are heroes now,” she said in a Live TikTok video.

She however hoped that she will be friends with Chira in the after life, now that her own death has allegedly been predicted on social media.

“Maybe I am the next one. I hear my days are numbered. I will find my peace. I will meet him somewhere. We are going to be friends. We are all going to cross over at some point. I am also sickly and have health problems, I can die anytime. I already absorbed that long time ago and accepted it. So we are all going to die and I will be glad to meet Brian when I cross over,” she said.

In a separate live video, Nyako accused Baba Talisha of pretending to care about Chira, yet he had abandoned him when he was still alive.

According to her, Baba Talisha was not helping Chira’s family with funeral arrangements out of good will, but because of views.

“Hao ndio wako kipaumbele ati am taking care of shosho am taking care of what msituchezee sisi si watoto wadogo. Posts after post ni Brian. Wacheni kujifanya mmevalia ngozi ya kondoo na sitakokma stop pretending. Baba Talisha stop pretending.

“Hata kutafutia Brian nyumba ilikushinda hata kumpangia nyumba ilikushinda sahi ndio unajifanya hapa. Acheni kudanganya watu last minute kama huyo kijana ameshakufa mnajifanya hapa mko more responsible,” she said.



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