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Shock As Gospel Singer Guardian Angel Sp@nks Esther Musila In Public

“Guardian Angel anafinya haga kama ovacado haijaiva!” “Halafu Esther’s children in their 30s wanaona hizi zikizunguka mtandaoni!” Netizens comment on viral video of Guardian Angel and Esther Musila.

A shocking incident involving renowned gospel singer Guardian Angel and his wife Esther Musila has left the public in disbelief.

A video of Guardian Angel spanking his wife in public has rubbed netizens the wrong way. The recent video that sent shock through their fanbase occurred when Guardian Angel was seen publicly spanking Esther Musila. The video is causing a frenzy on social media, with fans expressing mixed reactions and concerns about the appropriateness of such actions, especially in a public setting.

Esther Musila, wife of gospel singer Guardian Angel, remains puzzled by the negativity surrounding their marriage, facing cyberbullying due to their 20-year age gap. The couple, wed in a vibrant ceremony in January 2022 following a beautiful proposal on Esther’s 51st birthday in May 2021, has become a target for online critics.

Despite constant attacks, Esther fights back against social media bullies, expressing her determination in one of her Q&A session on Instagram. She emphasized that she will not tolerate negativity on her page, stating, “Most bullies think that silence means you are weak. I will give you a taste of your own medicine if I have to.”

Addressing the absurdity of judgment based on their relationship, Esther questioned, “How do you hate someone for their relationship? People need to heal from what hurts them.” Responding to a fan’s query about having a baby with Guardian, she urged them to focus on aspects that add value to their own lives.

The challenges extend beyond online criticism, as Esther revealed losing numerous friends when news of her relationship with Guardian Angel surfaced. The gossip and betrayal from unexpected quarters shocked her. Despite the adversity, the couple stands strong, challenging societal norms and prompting reflection on the importance of acceptance and support in the face of unconventional love.


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