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“Cheki Mali!” Netizens React As Diana Marua Parades Her Thayos

“Yaani kitu mnafunika ni maku tu siku hizi?” A netizen aks Diana Marua after posting sultry photos.

Diana Marua set tongues wagging and screens ablaze as she shared a series of sultry and sensuous photos on her social media platforms.

Known for her elegance and charismatic presence, Diana Marua, wife to former gospel musician Bahati, strategically crafted a collection of photos that showed confidence and appeal.

As the photos circulated across various social media platforms, netizens were quick to react, wondering where decency went.

The photos sparked a lively debate among netizens, with some praising her for embracing her sensuality and others expressing surprise at this bold departure from her usual public image when she’s someone’s wife.

Diana Marua’s decision to share these photos could be seen as a deliberate move to redefine her public persona, breaking free from stereotypes and embracing the multifaceted nature of her identity but as a wife, netizens believe some boundaries ought to be there.

Since Bahati and Diana began dating, there have always been accusations that she made Baha ditch for secular content. The once celebrated Gospel artist is no longer view as a role model by many of his fans, after the switch.

Money makes the world move and so, he must do what he got to do to survive as an artist.



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