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Shix Kapienga Still Struggling To Find Man To Date Her Years After Breaking Up With MC Jessy 

Nancy Wanjiku Karanja alias Shix Kapienga laments that men fear for no reason yet she wants someone to love her.

The actress recently opened up about the challenges she faces in the dating world while speaking during an interview on TV47.

Shix, who is known for her tomboy nature, noted that she is still single because of misconceptions about her background.

“Men assume I am too ghetto for them to date me,” she said.

Asked by Dr Ofweneke if her choice of attire played a role in this perception, Shix wondered why men should be intimidated by what she wears.

“In the ghetto, I would just rock my jeans and T-shirt and move on. Why would I wear a dress?” She said.

Shix Kapienga broke up with MC Jessy years ago, the breakup was however confirmed in April 2020 when she was celebrating her 33rd birthday.

MC Jess indicated that he was missing Shix in his birthday message to her.

“Happy birthday to you @shixkapienga. I wanted to isolate this message from za jana otherwise with this Corona, you never know. Ona tu vile yesu alikuwa ametawala maisha yako hizi enzi ??” MC Jessy posted on Instagram.

His birthday message caught the attention of fellow comedian Jalang’o who in his reply wrote “Siku hizi ni wewe unatawala… mrudishe kwa yesu nani!!

To this MC Jessy responded, “Jalang’o Hapo umenena,,,Nisaidie twende kesha moja tumuombee by asubuhi atakua anaongea na ndimi. ?”

MC Jessy confirmed he was dating Shix in 2017 when he was accused of cheating on his wife with the petite radio presenter.

The funnyman cleared the air regarding the whole issue by saying that he separated with his wife in 2012.

He emphasized that he did not leave his wife for Shix as was widely reported in the media.

“We married while the relationship was on the rock. So we sat down and decided to take a break and try to figure things out back in 2012. We are still friends and continue to raise the most beautiful gift I ever received in my life together,” MC Jessy stated during an interview with The Star.

He went ahead to reveal how he met up with Shix Kapienga saying they started off as friends, attending events together before they dated.

“I met Shix through my work at Hot 96 and Churchill Raw. We started off as friends, just going for the same events and gigs due to work but we started dating later. I pursued her because I felt “si nitafute mtu? (I need someone)” he stated.

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