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“Karenzo You Killing Him” Karen Nyamu Shows Things Samidoh Is Exclusively Enjoying After Edday Ran Away

Karen Nyamu took Samidoh to Naivasha after the launch of his foundation and treated him to a sumptuous meal.

The nominated senator showcased her carefree spirit as she embarked on a weekend retreat in Naivasha.

Karen Nyamu caused a stir when she was seen gracefully moving her waist with infectious energy.

Clad in a vibrant pink tracksuit, Karen exuded joy, dancing leisurely and flaunting her impressive dance skills.

The viral video shows Karen jamming to Nigerian artiste Ketchup’s popular song, ‘Pam Pam’.

The video ignited a wave of enthusiastic responses from Karen Nyamu’s fans, who eagerly shared their reactions.

Some told her she was killing Samidoh with her dangerous moves.


The video of Karen Nyamu whining her waist comes just days after Samidoh launched his foundation.

Speaking on the sidelines of a fundraiser for Samidoh’s foundation, Karen Nyamu dismissed concerns about her relationship with her baby daddy being on the rocks after they unfollowed each other.

The mother of three noted that love has its up and downs and that the fact she unfollowed Samidoh doesn’t mean they have broken up.

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