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“Sasa Unataka Nifulize Mwili?” Samidoh Angrily Responds After Being Body Shamed 

Trolls hit Samidoh where it hurts the most and he fired back in fury warning that he will not tolerate insults.

The Mugithi singer feels emasculated by people who reckon that he is small in physique in real life as compared to how he looks in photos on social media.

Samidoh has been contending with the comments about his body for a while but not he can’t tolerate them anymore.

In a post on social media, the singer vented out his frustrations with those commenting on his body size.

“Everybody who meets me is like.. ‘Aki wewe ni mdogo’ Naskia tu kasauti kakiniambia muulize..’sasa unataka nifulize mwili?,😜,” Samidoh posted.

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Some of Samidoh’s fans said they get similar comments about their bodies.

“My situation am a mother of two 25 years but unapatanga na mtu unaskia khaiii aki ukirudi form one unasoma to vizuri But am proud of myself 😜,” Nash Beiby commented on Samidoh’s post.

“Nash Beiby form one hata wamekuongezea kungekuwa na pp3 uko sawa😜,” Samidoh replied to Nash Beiby.

Screenshot 2024 02 13 085025

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