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Karen Nyamu Momentarily Forgets She’s A Senator, Insults Woman Who Hit Her Where It Hurts The Most

“Tunafaa kukuchangia ukawekwe akili,” Karen Nyamu ranted after daring woman told her bitter truth.

Karen Nyamu on November 8, 2023, took to Facebook to express her feelings before she was attacked by a group of women.

“Its your life, feel free to burn the rule book. Sometimes the rules are meant to be rewritten, not followed #Bebeyakanairopangakanairo,” Karen Nyamu posted.

While commenting on her post, daring woman Winnie Mulei blasted the UDA-nominated senator saying she made Samidoh leave his wife Edday Nderitu.

“Senator Karen Nyamu wewe naye uliforce Samidoh akaacha bibi na watoto ndio wako wakue na baba. Wicked woman,” Winnie Mulei told Karen Nyamu.

The commented rubbed Karen Nyamu the wrong way and she fired back with an insult, telling her critic that she needed a brain transplant to help her in thinking.

“Winnie Mulei Kaka unaamini hivo tunafaa kukuchangia ukawekwe akili,” Karen Nyamu hit back at her detractor.

Another woman told Karen Nyamu that there was nothing wrong in forcing things to happen the way one desires.

“Tutaforce mpaka iingiane,” Balyne Tendy commented.

In a quick rejoinder, Karen Nyamu downplayed Balyne Tendy’s comment saying that no man can be forced to do what they don’t want to do already.

“Balyne Tendy bora usikuje hapa kutulilia after umeenda huko kuforce ukijidanganya kuna mwanaume wa kuforciwa,” Karen Nyamu wrote.

Samidoh’s wife Edday Nderitu and her three children moved to the US in May 2023 saying she decided to leave her husband to Karen Nyamu since she needed her the most.

In US, Edday sought asylum to enable her live there indefinately.

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