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Sanapei Tande Refuses To Take Part In Sexually Charged Scenes In Local Telenovelas 

Sanaipei Tande substituted her music career for acting and she has been doing an excellent job.

The sultry actress played major roles in local productions such as Varshita (2017) and Kina (2020).

Despite her acting career taking off, Sanaa recently revealed that she can’t do some of the things most thespians do because of her moral values.

The 38-year-old musician-turned-actress shared the non-negotiable principles that govern her acting roles.

She disclosed that she can’t engage in on-screen kisses, even if offered substantial sums.

“I am an African girl… our parents watch what we do,” she said.

There were a lot of speculations when Sanaa suddenly quit local series ‘Kina’ early this year.

Fans of the exciting Maisha Magic series were disappointed after news that Sanaipei Tande would no-longer act as Kina in the telenovela.

Via their official website DSTV made the heartbreaking announcement that Sana would be replaced by seasoned actress, Mbeki Mwalimu.

However, Sanaa later on came out to reveal why she quit ‘Kina’ where she was playing the lead role.

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