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Samidoh Replies To Fans Saying He Should Pay Karen Nyamu’s Dowry

“Unakula mali na haujalipia mahari?” Netizens ask Samidoh to make things official with Karen Nyamu by paying her dowry.

Samidoh found himself in the midst of online banter after a fan playfully demanded that he pays dowry to his second wife, Karen Nyamu. The comment, posted by a user named Angle Shantel on Samidoh’s Facebook page, humorously made it known that unless dowry is paid to Karen, they will continue to believe Samidoh is an “orphan kept by a woman.”

In response, Samidoh, known for his witty comebacks, reacted with laughter and expressed curiosity about the thought process behind the conclusion that he was an “orphan kept by a woman.”

The fan’s call for dowry payment is rooted in the fact that Samidoh is already married to Eddih Nderitu, with whom he has three children.

His union with Karen Nyamu has produced two more children.

Dowry payment is a cultural tradition in many African societies, symbolizing appreciation from the groom’s family to the bride’s family for raising and educating their daughter.

Samidoh’s playful response has divided social media opinions.

Supporters praised his humorous approach, arguing that he has the right to question societal expectations.

Netizens argue that he should not be pressured into paying dowry and applaud him for handling the comment with levity.

On the other hand, critics accused Samidoh of insensitivity towards the serious matter of dowry payment, emphasizing the importance of respecting Karen Nyamu’s family.

They believe that out of regard for their relationship and the well-being of their children, Samidoh should consider fulfilling the traditional practice of paying dowry to Karen Nyamu finally.
samidoh karen nyamu

samidoh karen nyamu


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