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Jalang’o Encourages Mulamwah, Carol Sonnie To Have Lungula To End Their Bitterness 

“Watafutiwe room wamalizane tupumue,” Jalang’o said after Carol Sonnie hit back at Mulamwah.

The whole drama started when Mulamwah did a video challenge to slam his estranged baby mama.

In the video, Mulamwah talked about how his relationship with Carol Sonnie had deteriorated so bad that they no longer co-parent.

Mulamwah also said that Carol Sonnie had told their daughter Keila that he is not his biological dad.

The comedian further said that every time he is having fun with his girlfriend Ruth K he is accused of hurting Carol Sonnie’s feelings.


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Carol Sonnie responded to Mulamwah’s baby daddy challenge with her own video where she slammed him.

In the video, Carol Sonnie claimed that Mulamwah was still calling her using secret numbers to tell her that he still misses her.

Sonnie said she blocks Mulamwah every time he calls her with strange numbers. She also said that she told her daughter that his father was knocked by a train and died.

Reacting to Mulamwah and Carol Sonnie’s videos, Jalang’o suggested that the two should be locked in a room and be made to smash.

“Watafutiwe room… wamalizane tupumue! Sijui ni mimi ama hawa bado wanapendana?” Jalang’o wrote.


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