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Ruth K Gives Update On Her Unborn Baby As Mulamwah Takes Her To Kitale Clinic 

Mulamwah and his sweetheart Ruth K went to check the health of their unborn baby at a clinic in Kitale.

Ruth K gave netizens a glimpse of how she went for a clinic visit in Kitale, while accompanied by Mulamwah.

In her YouTube video, Ruth K gave a breakdown of the things that were checked by the doctor during her visit – temperature, her weight, etc.

An ultrasound was also done on Ruth K during this clinic visit, and it was here that she even gave netizens a glimpse of her baby’s images while in her womb.

However, Ruth K promised her fans that she would do another video for gender reveal, to publcily disclose the sex of her unborn baby.

This she said as she was talking about how the doctor had concluded that her baby was fine in the womb after the scan.

“…Nikaingia kwa machine kuangalia mjunior akoje, ah kako fiti. Unajua ile excitement ya kuangalia venye mtoi unamskia aki kick kick ako, manze nikafeel poa. Maswali hapo, tukaambiwa tuko sawa…” Ruth K said.

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